Hear What People Are Saying in Wichita!


"We never dreamed that MT was like what it is. We look forward to this class not only for our daughter but for us too! Erin is beyond wonderful. She is fun, energetic and understanding. She gives families different ways to engage with their child at all levels of development. Our daughter loves music and through this class we have incorporated into her daily life. I recommend to all families as it is the best activity out there!"

~ Courtney, mom 


"Wonderful as always, this is our third semester with Erin; my daughter and I have so much fun and experience a deep connectivity through music. These sessions are an invaluable way of not only spending great, fun quality time together with your kids, but you can literally watch your kiddo absorb the music lesson then turn around and utilize their newfound knowledge at home by making up lyrics to the rhythm of the songs, banging on whatever and singing, or just dancing to the app... RMT is truly a little gem of a course!"

~ Mimi, mom


"Miss Erin is amazing! My kids ask everyday if it's music class day. Riverside Music Together is my favorite activity to do with my kids. You will love it! Give it a try!"

~ Jocelyn, mom 


"Erin is awesome! My kiddos have gotten so much out of the class! Looking forward to many more wonderful semesters!"

~ Sarah, mom 


I love Erin and RMT. To be honest, I would 1000% pay for and go to class even if my child didn’t go. It’s so much fun.

~ Chelsey, mom


"I have taken two semesters of Riverside Music Together with my daughter (one semester with my son) and have seen firsthand the impact this class has had on my children. I have seen my daughter develop confidence, rhythm, an unbridled joy and passion for music and singing, and I have experienced how this class has encouraged me as a mother with my children. The supportive community allows me to feel comfortable to include my children in class even when tempers aren't cooperating. This class has given my family an outlet and a safe place to grow, learn, and socialize."

~ Shannon, mom


"We love "music class" with Erin. Even my husband was impressed and asked if I was signing the girls up again. The kids have so much fun!"

~ Debra, mom


"Miss Erin is phenomenal with all the kids in the class. She is wonderful with first time attendees (Parents included). Lots of educational materials are provided. Love the CD and more that comes with the class! My favorite things is every class has something new! I love watching my son grow in his musical talents!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!!!"

~Sarah, mom


"The spring semester was the first time my daughter and I attended and it was wonderful. My daughter really transformed before my eyes in that class. She interacts so much better with other children and her mental development benefitted tremendously as well and I believe it was because of these classes."

~ Becky, mom


"Our 1st session of Music Together® was incredible. It gave me as a parent the tools to help my kids develop some music and vocabulary skills in a the little pockets of time in our busy day. The generations part of the class is also beautiful. My son picked out just the right drum stick to match the drum for one of our elderly friends. He was naturally thinking of others first with out prompting because that’s just what he has learned to do at the generations class."


~ Sarah, mom


"It was wonderful. We love the music, we love the community, we love Miss Erin and her family!"

~ Carol, mom 


"My 3 year old daughter loves Music Together! We are constantly amazed at the development of her musical sense, especially her sense of rhythm. I know this comes from all the different rhythms that Music Together songs use. She loves all the instruments that Erin provides, and she especially loves when Erin plays her guitar!" 

~ Katie, mom 


"As an un-musically inclined mom, I have been very grateful for help in introducing my child to building blocks of music beyond the lyrics. I've seen my 2 year old (and me!!) start to recognize and use different rhythms and tones. She is learning how we can express ourselves through song and likes to help make up new lyrics to familiar rhythms." 

~ Michaela, mom