Pre-Post Partum Enrollment

We want to support our RMT families in Wichita through the growth and changes their family experiences. So, we have a NEW program for you! Families who have participated in our classes at least once already are eligible for our pre- and postpartum discount when their next child is due within one month before or after the start date of our semester. We offer this discount with the intention of providing your older child a sense of continuity during a time of exciting and disorienting changes.

In the pre-postpartum system, your child attends any five classes which have room in them, with you or any other caregiver you choose. You use the makeup scheduler to alert the teacher that your child will be coming. Or, simply register for the class of your first choice and attend any five of the classes. 

Tuition for pre-postpartum is $100 for the first child and $50 for the second (the baby is, of course, free!). Once you have purchased your tuition, please email or phone us at (316) 708-0300 so we can explain how to use the makeup scheduler for this purpose.