Music Classes in Wichita for Children with Special Needs

Because it integrates the mind, body, and emotions, music can transform the lives of all children. Children with special needs, including those with autism spectrum disorders or physical, cognitive, or neurological impairments, are welcome in any of our classes. With our “accept and include” philosophy, understanding of developmentally appropriate practice and our respect for different learning styles, children with special needs often thrive in our music classes.

While Music Together® classes are not therapeutic intervention, the inclusive family music-making experience may complement your child’s therapies, while providing an activity your whole family can enjoy together.

Mixed-age Music Class Mixed-age Music Class

Generations Music Class Generations Music Class

Generations Music Class Music Together con Español Music Class


Visit a Class at Riverside Music Together

Your family is welcome to to visit a class anytime. Here are a few suggestions to make your experience as positive as possible, from the on-staff board-certified music therapist at Music Together Worldwide. Feel free to speak with your teacher or call the office to speak with our director, Erin, if you have questions or concerns. To sign up for your class visit, please go to our Demo Scheduler or contact us.